In times of crisis, the true spirit of humanity shines through as communities come together to support one another. The recent earthquake in El Haouz Marrakech has left many families and individuals grappling with the aftermath, and amidst the challenges, We Have emerged as a beacon of hope. Through its dedicated social action initiatives, is playing a crucial role in assisting those affected by the earthquake and contributing to the community’s recovery.

Agfay Experiences and Community Engagement:

Agafay Experiences –, a prominent player in the adventure tourism industry, has always been deeply committed to the communities it operates in. Recognizing the urgent need for support in the wake of the earthquake, the company swiftly mobilized its resources and engaged in a range of social actions aimed at providing relief and assistance to those most affected.

  • Emergency Relief Distribution: We immediately initiated the distribution of emergency relief supplies to the earthquake-affected areas in El Haouz Marrakech. This included essential items such as food, water, blankets, and medical supplies. The company collaborated with local authorities and non-profit organizations to ensure that the relief reached the most vulnerable populations.
  • Medical Assistance: Understanding the critical need for medical attention, We helpend in organizing a medical camps in collaboration with healthcare professionals. These camps provided free medical check-ups, consultations, and basic healthcare services to those injured or in need of medical assistance. The company also facilitated the transportation of injured individuals to medical facilities when required.
  • Shelter and Rehabilitation Support: We Also recognized the importance of providing temporary shelter to those who lost their homes in the earthquake. so we actively participated in setting up temporary shelters and worked towards providing rehabilitation support to help affected families rebuild their lives. This included financial aid, construction materials, and assistance in securing housing.
  • Community Engagement Programs: In addition to immediate relief efforts, we implemented community engagement programs to foster a sense of unity and resilience among the affected populations. These programs included workshops, counseling sessions, and cultural events aimed at bringing people together and promoting emotional well-being.
People sort aid in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake in Talat N’Yaaqoub, Morocco September 13, 2023. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
  • Job Creation and Economic Recovery: We understands that long-term recovery involves not only meeting immediate needs but also restoring economic stability. The company has actively supported job creation initiatives in the affected areas, helping local businesses rebuild and providing employment opportunities for those who lost their livelihoods due to the earthquake.


Agfay Experiences’s social action in response to the earthquake in El Haouz Marrakech exemplifies the power of corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By taking swift and comprehensive measures to address the diverse needs of the affected population, we are not only providing immediate relief but also contributing to the long-term recovery and resilience of the community. In times of crisis, the collaboration between businesses, local authorities, and non-profit organizations becomes paramount, and we serves as a commendable example of corporate citizenship in action.